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Good press for LTGPA!

Local alt weekly the Free Times honors the impending release of Let the Glory Pass Away today with a nice piece. Thanks to FT and book reviewer Rodney Welch for such a complimentary look at the book and the process I went through to write it.

Here’s the opening graf or two. Please click through to read the rest!

Five Points Politics, Life on the Columbia Arts Scene Inspire Don McCallister’s New Novel

Write What You Know

by Rodney Welch

The annals of American literature are full of writers who hacked away at a day job while somehow finding time to pursue their dream.


Tennessee Williams wrote plays while clerking at a shoe company. William Faulkner wrote As I Lay Dying while working the graveyard shift at a power plant.

But Don McCallister, co-proprietor of Loose Lucy’s in Five Points with his wife Jenn, is surely one of the very few who has managed to write novels while running a self-described “mom and pop hippie shop.”

Sometimes, literally.

“I used to sit at a little TV tray with my laptop on it behind the counter,” he recalls of his early years. “I’d be pounding away on one of the novels and I would get up — in the middle of a sentence sometimes — to ring up somebody’s incense, or their tie-dye T-shirt, thank the customer and then sit right back down.”

Read the rest of the piece here.

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