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The Blog Lives (Long Live the Blog)

Welcome to the blog of James D. McCallister, which for the time being serves as my principal internet presence (except, of course, for Facebook). Here one may find an explanation of the blog name, as well as biographical material on who I am and why I’m here. This blog represents the only public glimpse into the writing life of a middle-aged scribe who, despite much success on both an artistic and professional level, has still got something to prove, both to himself and his readership. This blog should be an integral part of this process, and yet it often seems to fall by the wayside. What can I tell you, it’s a busy life.

To wit: while this blog hasn’t been updated since January, in the interim there’s been tons of good writing, including 50 pages of KUNK, a memoir-ish novel in progress, as well as a completed and polished story, “Andy Wiki,” which details one Andy Kaufman fan’s obsession with the myth that the comedian is not only still alive, but actively planning to again reveal himself to the world one day.

In addition to active writing projects, a number of pieces of work are circulating out in the world — DOGS OF PARSON’S HOLLOW, a novel previously shopped and recently revised, has been entered in the prestigious Faulkner-Wisdom Competition, alongside a novella, STATE OF MIND, and a short story called “The Night I Prayed to Elvis,” which readers familiar with earlier work have told me represents some of my best voice-driven writing yet. As a former Faulkner-Wisdom semi-finalist for my literary novel MANSION OF HIGH GHOSTS, I have high hopes for placement in this year’s competition.

In addition, a new sequence of short stories, both published and unpublished, has been prepared: TRAUMA AND RESTORATION represents 12 of my best short stories, including the above-mentioned “Elvis” and the novella that represents the autobiographical beating heart of the collection. This collection has also now been sent out in competition.

During this productive period I’ve also had what is turning into the one of the most exciting peaks of my writing career — after becoming a two-time winner of the SC Fiction Project for my story “Heroes and Villains,” now published in Sandlapper magazine, I’ve been invited to sit on the Arts Commission panel at the South Carolina Book Festival on May 14 at 10am. At 3pm the same day, I’ll also be hosting one of the keynote presentations, that of singer-songwriter, recording artist, actress and author Marshall Chapman, an ex-pat South Carolinian now living and working in Nashville. Marshall’s on quite a roll, with a new book and a featured supporting part in the Gwyneth Paltrow-starring Country Strong, so I’m as thrilled to be a part of her presentation as I am my own.

Like many writers, nonfiction is also a big part of my ongoing career. Some of my recent work can be seen in Columbia Living magazine, as well as on jambandsonline.com, a site to which I contribute the occasional concert review.

So, in a nutshell, the writing life for me is a full, rich, ongoing experience that’s so far never failed to live up to the dreams I’ve always had of being a working author. With the Book Festival looming and a new burst of creativity propelling me forward as though wind-borne, 2011 has already shaped up to be the best year yet in my still-emerging writing career. Thanks for reading, and being a part of the ride!

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James D. McCallister is a South Carolina author of novels, short stories, and creative nonfiction. His latest book, a story collection called The Year They Canceled Christmas, releases in November 2017.

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  1. Angel Prosser

    Enjoyed reading the blog, and finally got to read your article on Bentz, saw the mag, but didn’t get to read it. You forgot to mention what a wonderfully kind and awesome, not to mention handsome man you are. I “call’s” em’ were I sees em”. I know that isn’t correct English, but you get the drift.
    I also wanted to say, I am glad we finally got around to more than me dashing in your store buying incense! Rock on, Dmac…love you.

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