James D. McCallister

author of the Edgewater County series

Editorial Rate Card

Editorial rate card may be a bit of a misnomer—as a working author, freelance journalist and writing teacher, I’m unable to offer a full menu of editing options for your manuscript.

What I can do, however, is give a conceptual assessment of your manuscript’s viability in today’s ever-changing publishing marketplace. This evaluation will be sympathetic to your vision, yes, but in a realistic way about your chances of achieving whatever the particular goal may be with your creative writing, as well as where you are in the process. As such, I’ll offer advice not only about how to make your work better, but whether to pursue avenues other than the traditional publishing model.

The first step is submitting your request for either Manuscript Evaluation I, II, III, or IV along with your curriculum vitae as it relates to your writing experience. After I accept your project, we will arrange payment and you may then submit the manuscript excerpt and support materials.

If interested, please contact me at [email protected] before submitting work. Put ‘MS Evaluation’ as the subject line of your email. Payment accepted via Paypal.



  • 10 pages + 1 page synopsis
  • Includes general evaluation and recommendations regarding formatting, overall literary style and storyline


  • 20-50 pages + 1-2 page synopsis or outline
  • Includes recommendations regarding storyline, voice, style and other narrative elements like dialogue, transitions, etc


  • 100 pages + support materials
  • Includes conceptual editorial evaluation and light copyediting


  • full manuscript up to 300 pages, must supply hard copy
  • Includes full conceptual editorial evaluation, light copyediting, and recommendations on steps and avenues toward publication

*Fees paid for Manuscript Evaluation I, II or III are applied toward purchase of IV.

**Manuscripts longer than 300 pages will receive a custom quote

Disclaimer: Mind Harvest Press reserves the right to reject unremarked any particular request for manuscript evaluations, and offers no guarantees of future publication.