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I’m late to the party on this 2015 New Yorker post, but I found it quite useful and edifying. THE MIDDLE OF THINGS: ADVICE FOR YOUNG WRITERS By Andrew Solomon The following is adapted from a speech the author gave at the Whiting Writers’ Awards on March 5th. When I had just finished my schooling and […]


In Part One we suffered through a little autobiography about the time I helped honor local pop music heroes Hootie and the Blowfish, and how that got me to thinking about who we honor with public monuments and tributes, but more importantly, why we do so, and what we’re saying with our choices.


For those of you following this blog for the last couple of years, it may seem like all-DIXIANA all the time. But before that material sees publication, let’s keep in mind that I’ll be offering up one (or more) direct lead-ins to that long-gestating novel series, with its fully realized fictional world I call Edgewater County. […]

DIXIANA and The Bradbury Method

“I’ve tried to teach my writing friends that there are two arts: number one, getting a thing done; and then, the second great art is learning how to cut it so you don’t kill it or hurt it in any way. When you start out life as a writer, you hate that job, but now […]

Pat Conroy Dead at 70

Not much to add this morning that many fine obits haven’t already, except to note that on a personal level, this hurts deeper than I can fully describe.

Author News Roundup: February 2016

For the last month or two I realize that it has been quiet around good old Edgewater County Confidential  . . . apologies. But behind the scenes, rest assured that much has been stewing and brewing and coming together: First, a glimpse of the future—the first piece of key art for LET THE GLORY PASS […]

FELLOW TRAVELER Anniversary Time!

That’s right—not only was my novel Fellow Traveler inspired by the Grateful Dead experience, but its official release in 2012 came on November 1, the Day of the Dead. That I had first seen the band on Halloween night in 1985—a night like forever, as it turns out—only made the decision to have the book […]


Time again for this writer’s report about my various unpublished manuscripts. In this post I will reveal that at least one of these novels will see publication in the next calendar year, although the mechanism for such remains at the moment in a state of TBD. One way or another, however, I feel secure in announcing that in 2016 the […]

A Thousand-Year Rain

  With my sabbatical-slash-recovery from the writing of the 2015 Faulkner-Wisdom Finalist and hot-topic literary epic DIXIANA scheduled for this past summer, conveniently and grimly enough, alongside what became the omega point of my mother’s terminal illness, the plan for September had been to dive back into a quote-unquote normal writing cycle. For all sorts of reasons, […]

MANSION OF HIGH GHOSTS: A Major Revision is Done

Almost ten years to the day that I finished the all-important first draft of my first novel, I’ve completed what I anticipate as the last major rewrite of MoHG. In the wake of its close call with a publishing contract, this was an intense project I forced myself to undertake (and had scheduled anyway for […]