James D. McCallister

author of the Edgewater County series

The Time We Pulled Tape at Dylan: Remembering Clay Brennecke

Clay B and me, front of board, mics well hidden, we made a fine, fine tape.  Not my best writing, this haiku, but I composed it while grieving over the news that my old friend Clay had passed away, and under personal circumstances of a sudden and tragic nature. Maybe I wanted to cheer myself […]

Manuscript Evaluations Now Open

Now that I’m into the revision phase of my work on DIXIANA, and a light revision phase at that, I thought I’d once again promote the availability of my editorial service, which is explained below. By this point in my life I’ve enjoyed quite the varied writing career, with much accumulated knowledge and professional experience to share, including […]

A Taper’s Section Night to Remember…Grateful Dead in Chapel Hill 3/24/93

The Grateful Dead’s Spring Tour 1993 proved to be a time of renewal—the previous December, Jerry Garcia had returned from a canceled fall tour and a(nother) health crisis looking spry, trim (by his standards) and energetic. A happy time to be a Deadhead! March winds were gonna blow all our troubles away. On the 22nd anniversary of […]


I grew up wanting to be a writer. An only child who spent lonely afternoons and summers at the home of grandparents who lived in a neighborhood without kids, books and reading were (insert drumroll) my constant companions. Yawn. How many times have we heard those very words out of some book nerd like me? […]

SCHOLARSHIP IS DEAD: A profile of Nicholas G. Meriwether, Grateful Dead Archivist, UC Santa Cruz

(Originally published in Free Times, Columbia, SC, January 2011) The swinging, heady San Francisco scene of the 1960s remains a long, strange distance from the bucolic conservatism of a place like South Carolina, but in a weird brand of cosmic irony, Columbia now has an important, tangible link to those flower-child days of yore: Former […]

What Would Jerry Do? The Dead Rise Again for Obama

A review of “Change Rocks,” a concert at the Bryce Jordan Center, Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA, 13 Oct. 2008. “Change Rocks.” Such a simple, unambiguous phrase, shared by brand of costume jewelry, but in this context, signifying a much loftier calling than that of mere adornment: This is the title given the much-heralded—in […]