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author of the Edgewater County series

(Updated) A Lovely Invitation

It’s not every day a writer gets an invite like this one: — In its nearly three centuries of existence, The Saturday Evening Post has published short fiction by a who’s who of American authors including F. Scott Fitzgerald; Dorothy Parker; William Faulkner; Agatha Christie; Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.; Ray Bradbury; Louis L’Amour; Sinclair Lewis; Jack London; Ann […]

FORGING AHEAD: 2012 Fiction Recap and New Year’s Goals

With a number of awards and advancement opportunities coming my way, 2012 landed for this humble independent writer as a creative and professional benchmark: As a now-agented author with a new small press novel in print and another extremely commercial MS resting on publisher’s row hard drives, the possibility is strong that I’ll soon land a […]

Recent Radio Interview

Here’s a link to an interview promoting my writing career (as well as my family’s retail business, Loose Lucy’s) that I did on the WOIC/1230 AM ‘U Need 2 Know” radio program. Frank Knapp’s show is a mainstay of Columbia afternoon drive time, and I was duly honored to be the final guest of 2012!

My Amazing and Productive Writing Year

At 12:19pm on 12/19/2012, I find that I’ve finished Novel #2 for 2012, a/k/a MIRIAM MULLINS, a long in the works YA about emotionally stunted, 25 year-old Courtleigh, who tries to relive her teen years by pretending to be fifteen again, but with heartbreaking and tragic consequences. Here is the breakdown of what I’ve accomplished […]

‘Birds’ by Vincent Craig Wright

Here’s a lovely story by my friend and fellow Columbia, SC, native Craig Wright, who teaches creative writing at the University of Southern Oregon. His collection of stories Redemption Center can be found here. Here we see Mr. Wright in his other guise, as lead guitarist of Cast of Clowns.    

‘Edgewater County, SC’ and DOGS OF PARSONS HOLLOW

Edgewater County, SC… where is it? Only in the mind. It’s my fictional go-to locale for more or less all of my published output, alongside a slightly fictionalized Columbia, SC, which is perfectly recognizable but for the sort of minor changes that authors like me make to their hometowns: venerable Southeastern University for the equally […]


Now that DOGS OF PARSONS HOLLOW has gone out into the big-six world of publishing (in the form of pitches to specific editors), I thought it might be useful to discuss the inspirations and intentions behind this piece. While a long way from publication, here’s some backstory and character sketches to whet the appetite of […]

Origins and Intentions of Fellow Traveler

Here we have a collection of articles covering various aspects of the novel Fellow Traveler. Beware of [SPOILERS]! THE LOGLINE A longtime fan of a legendary rock band investigates his friend’s overdose—or was it suicide, a bleak end undertaken over the death of their mutual idol, the iconic 60s figure Rose Partland? When Z begins […]

Going Down Screenplay Way

With all the work I have in the can and also on a low simmer, I’ve decided to ‘knock off’ a quick screenplay adaption of my novel MS, DOGS OF PARSONS HOLLOW. The damn thing was designed to have that sort of cinematic appeal, so why not? If not me, who? If not now, when? […]

Welcome to the dmac blog.

Greetings! You’ve stumbled upon (or were directed to check out) the wordpress blog of James D. McCallister a/k/a dmac! Thanks for your interest in what I hope will be an ongoing experiment — a chronicle of my writing life, as well as a place for reviews of interesting films, books, or music, plus social commentary […]