James D. McCallister

author of the Edgewater County series

The Characters of DIXIANA

As promised at the end of the ‘Notes On DIXIANA‘ posts, here’s the guide to the eight major POV characters who drive the intertwining narratives in my recently-completed Southern literary novel series DIXIANA, DOWN IN DIXIANA, and DIXIANA DARLING.


Two years ago, DIXIANA, you were but a gleam in my eye. Out of reach for so long, yet here now I find that you exist. You are one of the great loves of my life. In the room with me. Corporeal. I can touch you. How we began seems like only yesterday. Now, my […]

State of the Projects: Spring 2015

The last couple of years here in Edgewater County have made for quite the novelistic ride. From seeing the publication of Fellow Traveler to getting an agent for DOGS OF PARSONS HOLLOW (no sale) and then losing said agent over trying to cut a deal with Story River Books on MANSION OF HIGH GHOSTS (no sale, […]

Speech to My Dad’s Retirement Luncheon

This year, my family and I are thrilled that my dad’s retiring from his long career in the heating and air business. Later today we’ll be celebrating his long and productive work life with a special luncheon in his honor. Here are a few thoughts I plan to make.

Manuscript Evaluations Now Open

Now that I’m into the revision phase of my work on DIXIANA, and a light revision phase at that, I thought I’d once again promote the availability of my editorial service, which is explained below. By this point in my life I’ve enjoyed quite the varied writing career, with much accumulated knowledge and professional experience to share, including […]

Storytelling Workshop Returns this Summer!

While we’re all making plans for this summer, Columbia SC-area writers may wish to consider taking my five week class, Storytelling Workshop, that’s again offered as part of the Midlands Technical College Corporate and Continuing Education program. Students may anticipate the structure of the course as half lecture/salon on writing topics such as discipline, style, and various other elements […]