James D. McCallister

author of the Edgewater County series

Review (Theatrical): MR. TURNER (2014)


Notes on the DIXIANA Saga (Part 3)

After two prior novelistic forays, what more could possibly occur in the Southern-fried universe of my series DIXIANA? Despite the intensity of the narrative peaks at the conclusion of DOWN IN DIXIANA, much remains unresolved for the characters caught in the personal and social dramas of my Edgewater County literary world. Here, then, is the synopsis of the third […]

Review (VOD): BLOODLINE (2015)

“There’s clearly some things going on with our family.” So says Sally, matriarch of the Rayburn clan (Sissy Spacek) in the penultimate episode of the new Netflix drama series Bloodline. Coming at the arguable peak of the dysfunctional family dynamic on display in this mostly compelling new offering from the on-demand service, this plays as quite the amusing understatement. Set […]

Notes on the DIXIANA Saga (Part 2)

With the lengthy establishing act that is DIXIANA already described, we continue the synopsis of the seriocomic Southern literary journey of Roy Earl Pettus, Button Sykes, Christy Beaudock, and all the other characters driving the narrative of DOWN IN DIXIANA, the second volume of this three-novel series for which I’ll soon begin seeking a publishing berth. While book one […]

A Taper’s Section Night to Remember…Grateful Dead in Chapel Hill 3/24/93

The Grateful Dead’s Spring Tour 1993 proved to be a time of renewal—the previous December, Jerry Garcia had returned from a canceled fall tour and a(nother) health crisis looking spry, trim (by his standards) and energetic. A happy time to be a Deadhead! March winds were gonna blow all our troubles away. On the 22nd anniversary of […]

Notes on the DIXIANA Saga

Arriving this week at the conclusion of what we’ll remember as the Composition Period that began on May 1, 2013, the fifth and most complete draft of the entire DIXIANA story will soon rest comfortably fresh from its detailed line-edit. DIXIANA… it’s more than fiction, it’s a state of mind, one in which I’ve been immersed […]