James D. McCallister

author of the Edgewater County series

Archival Phish Review: Raleigh ’99

In honor of today’s LivePhish archival release of the band’s show from Reynolds Coliseum in Raleigh, NC on December 16, 1999, here’s a partially tongue-in-cheek review I submitted to the original Phish reviews page, maintained in those days by my good friend and former University of South Carolina Newsfilm Library colleague Dan Schar.


While a close edit of my Southern literary epic DIXIANA is ongoing, the end is in sight, and discussions are beginning with outside candidates to continue the editorial process after the author’s composition period ends on April 30. My thoughts at this time are also turning toward notions of shopping or self-pubbing this literary project, so […]

DIXIANA Progress Report

And it’s an exciting one! On February 17 I completed a close line edit on what’s known as the fifth draft of DIXIANA, or rather, the first of the three volumes. With an April 30 deadline looming for the completion of all three manuscripts, I find myself not only pleased with the work, but well ahead […]