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author of the Edgewater County series


It’s getting into that holiday-week feeling vibe, and with the end of month number two of the composition of DIXIANA upon us, time for an update regarding what we may also think of as Novel 2013. Click through to find out more about what this project’s all about, my approach to the writing, and my ambitions for […]

The DOGS of Rejection

UPDATE: I downgraded and toned down what had been a bit of a bitter rant toward the end. Eh. Blowing off steam. It’s all good, just a sensitive writer responding to the stresses of the path. Revised post follows. — A while back I made a commitment to keep readers informed about career events, both […]

Another Fine FELLOW TRAVELER Review

The gratifying journey of Fellow Traveler continues this morning with another positive review, this one from jambands.com, courtesy journalist Brian Robbins. Here’s an excerpt: Some books are murder mysteries; Fellow Traveler is a life mystery. Newly-divorced-and-somewhat-adrift Ashton Tobias “Z” Zemp is trying to make some sense of the life (and recent death) of his best friend – and […]

Review (Theatrical): MAN OF STEEL (2013)

Full of half-baked religious and political allegories, bizarrely inappropriate handheld ‘shaky cam,’ not terribly impressive CGI, plot holes, weak characterization, blatant product placement and a climatic hour’s worth of overwrought, overblown, nonsensically cartoonish action, Zack Snyder and David Goyer’s Man of Steel lands in the summer 2013 moviegoing seasion with a clangorous and incoherent thud. […]

DIXIANA Darlings

Now in the midst of Writing Retreat 2013 Redux, thanks to my benefactor we again find the Southern novelist secluded, sequestered, and in the midst of writing his most ambitious piece yet, DIXIANA. Here’s a report from the secure, undisclosed location designated as Hilltop North.

Midlands Technical College Courses Returning in the Fall!

Pleased today to announce that I’ll be returning to teaching his September in the MTC Continuing Ed program, this time with two classes.

Review (Theatrical): FRANCES HA (2013)

A breezy, charming, and affecting Manhattan for the millenial generation, Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig’s Frances Ha offers a poignant 90 minute character study about an average suburban American woman living in New York who, long after she should’ve given up (or at least recognized where her true talent lies), continues to half-assedly follow her artistic dreams as a budding modern […]

My Writing Journey — Part 5

When we left off with this autobiographical series of posts (three months ago—really?), I’d chronicled my various stages of influence and activity up to what we may consider the modern era of my creative efforts, that is, the period of the preceding twelve and a half years since I took the plunge and began treading […]

Review (Blu-ray): HYDE PARK ON HUDSON (2012)

A crashing, offensive bore, Hyde Park on Hudson features a mostly charmless, flat Bill Murray perf as that most iconic of 20th century American presidents, FDR, as he hosts the king and queen of England (yes, the stuttering king—again) at a Hudson River retreat, i.e., the president’s mother’s house. The stakes? How the royals will […]

Halfway to DIXIANA

Novel #8, now underway for a month… and it’s exciting to report that June finds me sitting on a partial MS of just over 85,000 words, which is starting to feel somewhat like, well, halfway. Maybe.