James D. McCallister

author of the Edgewater County series

Review (Blu-ray): THE IMPOSSIBLE (2012)

On my childhood vacations to exotic Myrtle Beach, at least once during the weeklong stay I’d always suffer a ‘giant wave’ nightmare: I’m sitting and playing on the beach (as I’d done for real all day long) when I realize a looming, enormous wave’s about to crash down onto the beach, and me. The Impossible, written […]


Tonight at Columbia’s impressive Tapp’s Art Center, a new writing group here in town makes its first public offering with appearances by four local scribes: yours truly, Lorna Festa, Michael Spawn, and Janna McMahan, who’ll be appearing in support of her latest novel Anonymity.

A Wonderful FELLOW TRAVELER Review!

One of the most complimentary reviews yet for Fellow Traveler comes from longtime Deadhead author, musician, Grateful Dead Hour and Tales from the Golden Road radio host David Gans, posted tonight on his blog. A choice pull quote begins the review: “Fellow Traveler is as worthy a document of the latter-day Grateful Dead experience as any I’ve read, fictional […]

State of the Projects

Sort of like a state of the state/union address? Not so much, this; nothing so dramatic. No, at the beginning of a new creative season this is merely an update regarding the core of my creative output: my various completed novel manuscripts. As I’ve been on a what’s become a two week break from working […]

Wagging the DOGS

Six weeks after my agent Michelle L Johnson of Inklings Literary got an exciting flurry of new MS requests, it looks like DOGS OF PARSONS HOLLOW has pulled rejections from two of the four editors who took a peek. The upside? The other two that are still active are with the bigger publishers of the […]

Eulogy for Robert Jason Wright

I delivered this eulogy today (or at least a version thereof—another couple of amusing anecdotes and asides made their way into the discourse) to the assembled mourners at the memorial service for my childhood best friend and first writing partner Robert Jason Wright, who passed away this week after a difficult, courageous battle with throat cancer. His […]

FELLOW TRAVELER Papers at UC Santa Cruz

So terribly pleased and proud to report today that the Fellow Traveler original notes, two early drafts, and the last pre-publication manuscript with handwritten corrections have all now been donated to the McHenry Library at UC Santa Cruz, where these documents will reside within the overall Grateful Dead Archive.