James D. McCallister

author of the Edgewater County series

LET THE GLORY PASS AWAY: Now in Submission Shape!

I’m pleased to report that a couple of days shy of my spring deadline I’ve completed a fresh revision, the fourth full draft, of LET THE GLORY PASS AWAY, a new manuscript I wrote last summer. I come to the end of this particular cycle of the creative process feeling that, for the moment, at […]

Review (Blu-ray): A LATE QUARTET (2012)

Dir: Yaron Zilburman Scr: Seth Grossman, Yaron Zilburman An RKO Films Release A famous string quartet called The Fugue has been around for twenty-five years, as has the marriage of two of its members, Robert (Phillip Seymour Hoffman) and Juliette (Catherine Keener). Both ensemble and relationship are fracturing, however—its cellist and senior member, a widowed […]

Story Collections 2013 — Part 2

In the previous installment, we took a look at a newly sequenced, sort-of non-linked collection called PATTERNS OF RECOGNITION. This time, let’s take a gander at THE NIGHT I PRAYED TO ELVIS—the stories contained within its pages all concern the lives and growth of a rural Southern brother and sister, Timmy and Lucy (a/k/a ‘Sissy’) […]

Featured Short Story: FOREVER 27

My first short story publication, this tribute to the grinding life of the traveling merch vendor set me on my current path of authorial success—when ‘Vendor’ won the Pearl 2006 Fiction Award (the apropos title ‘Forever 27’ was suggested by the astute editor, Marilyn Johnson), I knew in my heart that I was on my way. […]

2013 Story Collections — Part 1

A new year seems to invariably bring a new sequencing of my short stories, and 2013 is no different. It’s not that I’m producing a completely new collection of material every year, but a couple more pieces seem to get published (or else simply revised into better condition), and then there’s usually a new story […]


I was tagged on Facebook and did this exercise for my current book, Fellow Traveler, which being in print makes it technically a Current Big Thing rather than the Next Big Thing. So, you may find yourself asking, what IS the next big thing from the dmac literary universe? Answers below. What is the working […]


Last night I attended the second meeting of a new writer’s support group here in Columbia, SC called ‘Write Club’—the first rule of Write Club is that there are no rules, and the second rule of Write Club is that there are some rules, if that’s at all edifying—and I came away from the experience […]

My Writing Journey — Part 4

The Movies. So we know from prior installments of this series that movies and TV, in particular genre material like Star Trek, had a huge impact on me during my adolescence. Star Wars (that’s the title in this context—no episodes #s or subtitles yet), it must now be acknowledged, also put the storytelling zap on my […]

Short Story Publication Alert!

On March 2, 2013, Fiction365 will feature my short story ‘Patterns of Recognition.’ Please be sure to click through tomorrow to check out this story, and to ‘like’ Fiction365 on Facebook!