James D. McCallister

author of the Edgewater County series

Upcoming Book Events

A whirlwind of upcoming book signing opportunities, along with awards news.


Here’s another one of those moments in my writing career in which the scribe takes a moment to… exhale. And relax. Another published book, my second for 2017, has been loosed upon the world in both print and ebook editions.


Quick take: It took a lot of guts—literally—for homegrown Columbia, SC psychotronic filmmakers Christopher Bickel and David Axe to pull off their first feature. Despite a shoestring budget, an inexperienced cast and numerous technical limitations, however, these self-proclaimed “novices” have nonetheless dinged a solid exploitation base hit, bouncing way out deep in centerfield. In short, The Theta […]

Review: BLADE RUNNER 2049

Quick take: Pretty pictures, fan service, plot holes, and ret-conning make for a long sit. In other words? An all too typical Hollywood reboot/remake of beloved intellectual property (IP) dredged up from the deep cultural antiquity of the 1980s.

Christmas Canceled in 2017?

Wait—what, you may ask? Nope. Not a chance. Christmas, and the rest of the holiday season, will surely unfold as it has for so long. And hey, with that in mind, you’re gonna need gifts… right?

Jasper Project Awards Nomination Announced!

That’s right, yours truly has been nominated as the Jasper Project’s Literary Artist of the Year Award for 2017!


Take note, Columbia, SC-area writers: still plenty of time to sign up for my intensive, six-week creative writing workshop offered through the Midlands Technical College Corporate and Continuing Ed Program. Having only this week concluded a(nother) successful beginner workshop, your faithful writing coach remains pumped-up to keep assisting writers in the achievement of their dreams.

INDIE AUTHOR WEEK at Richland Library!

Next week I’ll be a featured participant in Indie Author Week at Columbia’s national award-winning Richland Library!

CANCELED XMAS Kindle Pre-order is Up!

Controversial as Amazon’s ubiquity may sometimes be for authors both indie and traditional, it’s still a thrill to see the link for the next book publication having gone live.

New from Mind Harvest Press

Mind Harvest Press (that’s me) is proud to (formally) announce the first short story collection from award-winning Southern author James D. McCallister (also me)! Coming officially in November 2017 in both print and ebook editions available through the various traditional channels, interested parties who 1) can’t wait, and B) aren’t local to Columbia, SC can […]